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2018 Total results for product and free and sample content found

Internet of Things

AI Viewpoints - The way forward for consumer AI assistants

By Eden Zoller 19 Oct 2018

Consumer tech and OTT and e-commerce players are putting enormous effort and investment into AI-powered assistants. The front runners are Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby, Alibaba’s AliGenie, and Duer from Baidu.

Topic AI

Internet of Things

AI Viewpoints - Managing the machine intelligence application lifecycle

By Michael Azoff 19 Oct 2018

Making enterprise artificial intelligence succeed

Topic AI

Internet of Things

AI Viewpoints - To AI or not AI, what is the question?

By Miriam Deasy 19 Oct 2018

For enterprises entering the AI journey and wondering where to start, the most important overarching question should be how to put AI to good use for the longer-term benefit of the organization.

Topic AI

Internet of Things

AI Viewpoints - Narrow AI and its power to add value is where the conversation should be

By Tom Pringle 19 Oct 2018

Discussion about AI is an intellectually engaging conversation, but often one that becomes drawn out, argumentative, and overly focused on a long run (where, according to John Maynard Keynes, we are all dead, but hopefully not as the result of humanterrorizing AI).

Topic AI

Service Provider Technology

CSPs push ahead with digital transformation, or think they do

By Kris Szaniawski 18 Oct 2018

Investment in IT platforms is essential, but without customer-centric processes and data management strategies also in place, no CSP can claim that its digital transformation is "well advanced" or "completed."

Consumer and Entertainment Services

Smartwatches will soon start eating into smartphone time

By Rishi Kaul 18 Oct 2018

Although not a current reality for most wearable consumers, cellular-capable smartwatches will continue to roll out over the next few years.

Enterprise Verticals, IT, Enterprise Decision...

Unlocking the secret ingredient for smarter cities

By Kevin Noonan 16 Oct 2018

The first generation of intelligent city initiatives created the crucial momentum for change and the next generation is now driving a more integrated, sustainable, and architected approach to digital development.

Enterprise Decision Maker

OVH introduces a new approach to cloud adoption

By Roy Illsley 15 Oct 2018

Cloud providers including OVH are looking to offer a different type of cloud computing experience based on a more open cloud environment.