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About Tom


+14 years experience

Tom Pringle is Head of Applications Research at Ovum specializing in the integration of data and analytics across a range of topics including customer experience management and digital transformation.
His key areas of research include: data & content architecture; analytics and visual analytics tools; data governance; data privacy and ethics; information management professional services; data and analytics in the cloud, and customer data.

Tom’s personal research covers the effective use of data and analytics within enterprises. For enterprise end-users, this research encompasses the theory and practice of data architecture and governance, the analytic tools used to explore data and the importance of data ethics.

For technology vendors, his work focuses on strategic go-to-market planning.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Tom

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Salesforce makes a relatively big splash with Einstein

    By Tom Pringle 12 Apr 2017

    At its European analyst day in London, Salesforce focused on its recent product announcements surrounding Einstein, its foray into artificial intelligence (AI). Two things make Einstein particularly interesting: the platform approach, which creates the possibility of infusing AI into each of the vendor's cloud solutions; and what Salesforce believes are its differentiating features – its customers' large data volumes, and application integration.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Service Provider, Service Prov...

    Drawing the AI battle lines for differentiating enterprise applications

    By Tom Pringle 27 Sep 2016

    Enterprise applications are here to stay; how they work, look, and the means by which they are delivered is constantly evolving. Over the past couple of weeks, announcements from two major vendors, Oracle and, suggest that the latest battle lines have been drawn, in the form of artificial intelligence.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Online engagement must focus on actionable insights

    By Tom Pringle 16 Sep 2016

    As an ever-greater volume of B2C marketing and interaction moves online, the business value of understanding its impact, positive and negative, is growing rapidly. There is no shortage of software and services that promise the ability to monitor and manage these online voices, yet well-established metrics like ROI and even the testability of analyses have, in many cases, been an afterthought.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Service Provider, Service Prov...

    Is distributed analytics the solution to a connected world of data?

    By Tom Pringle 17 Aug 2016

    Distributed analytics is a new way of thinking about how to extend capabilities out into the data landscape by providing appropriate data management and analytics "in the moment" while only transporting the data and insights back to the core that are necessary.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Oracle's Data Cloud seeks to grow confidence in DaaS assets as digital marketing matures

    By Tom Pringle 23 Jun 2016

    At a hotel close to the statue of Columbus in New York, Oracle's general manager of its Data Cloud, Omar Tawakol, explained how he has set his sights on helping data-as-a-service (DaaS) users find a new world of data quality. But it is not the traditional, technical data quality you might expect; this was about the next step – ensuring that business consumers can derive actionable insight and build confidence from the use of DaaS assets.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    SAS is loading SAS Viya for the future, and yes, it looks future-ready

    By Tom Pringle 14 Jun 2016

    At SAS Institute's annual European gathering, this year in Spain, three messages stood out among the presentations from SAS's executives: SAS has a unified market message; SAS Viya is the future platform for the company and its customers; and SAS solutions will bring the "business check" closer to getting signed.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Service Provider, Enterprise D...

    Capgemini focuses on North American expansion and the practical value of "digital"

    By Tom Pringle 03 Jun 2016

    Joining Capgemini senior executives at its new, rather impressive Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) in San Francisco, my thoughts were focused on two key topics: North American expansion and the conversion of "digital" into something of practical value that can be understood and delivered as commercial professional services.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Cloudera helps move Hadoop from boardroom talk to getting checks signed

    By Tom Pringle 21 Apr 2016

    At Cloudera’s third annual analyst day in San Francisco, I had a long-standing view reinforced by its team – Hadoop is making the transition from being a technology seeking broader acceptance outside the world of Internet business to becoming an acknowledged solution in the enterprise information management toolbox.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Teradata straddles the gap between on-premises, the public cloud, and everything else

    By Tom Pringle 21 Apr 2016

    At Teradata's European Universe conference in Hamburg, Germany, two topics were of particular interest – making Teradata easier to own and the focus on "cloud-as-you-like-it." Teradata is well-recognized as a leading vendor in enterprises that are serious about their data; it fully intends to retain that position by offering more flexible deployment options.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Alfresco puts content on the digital transformation agenda

    By Tom Pringle 22 Feb 2016

    ECM is not just about creating a well-curated library of content – it must provide ready access to users, in context and as part of the business processes used to conduct day-to-day business.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Salesforce fires the starting gun on the race for the attention of end users

    By Tom Pringle 09 Nov 2015

    At Salesforce’s almost overwhelming Dreamforce end-user conference in San Francisco (some 150,000 attendees) there was plenty of pizzazz and product announcement to get excited about. However, the message this analyst took home was simple: the battle for the enterprise end user’s attention has begun.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Strata focuses on the endgame, without forgetting the starting point

    By Tom Pringle 09 Nov 2015

    At Strata+Hadoop World in New York, which drew its usual crowd of end users, vendors, and other industry participants, a message that has been growing the past year was dominant: big data requires enterprise credibility in the form of solid, ROI-focused use cases.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Service Provider, Service Prov...

    Bringing ethics to data, a board-level agenda item

    By Tom Pringle 09 Nov 2015

    Data, the subject everyone loves to love, has become a board-level agenda item, but organizations often make the mistake of focusing on the upside, without giving the same level of attention to potential downsides.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Decision-Maker

    Teradata Appliance for Hadoop simplifies big data for the enterprise

    By Tom Pringle 17 Jul 2015

    Teradata’s recent Appliance for Hadoop product announcement highlights big data’s continued march toward enterprise readiness. If big data technology is to become an operationalized tool, as Ovum expects, prepackaged platforms or solutions will prepare the way.

  • Enterprise Vendor, Enterprise Service Provider, Enterprise D...

    Bigger than big data: SAS sets its sights on the IoT

    By Tom Pringle 08 Jul 2015

    From a technology standpoint, SAS is one of the creators of “true” analytics (as opposed to business intelligence in fancy dress), but there are new challenges ahead and a long-standing customer base to consider.