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About Saurabh


+12 years experience

Saurabh Sharma is a principal analyst in Ovum's Infrastructure Solutions and Technology teams, leading research in the integration/middleware and BPM space. His recent research has focused on application, B2B/EDI, cloud/iPaaS, mobile, and IoT integration and has covered the API management, BPM, and robotics process automation (RPA) software markets.

Saurabh provides Ovum's clients, including enterprise IT leaders and vendor product and marketing management, with practical advice and insights by utilizing his areas of expertise in the enterprise software market. Prior to joining Ovum, Saurabh worked as a software developer and a senior consultant with a major software vendor, enabling him to develop an independent, 360-degree view of market.

At Ovum, Saurabh has initiated research on a range of emerging solutions and market trends, including cloud integration and iPaaS, API-led integration, IoT integration, integration imperatives for digital transformation, intelligent BPM, and RPA software. In September 2015, he was ranked 14th in the "Top 50 #CloudInfluence Individuals" ranking.


Analyst Articles

Articles by Saurabh

  • Enterprise Decision Maker

    API platforms are gaining traction for enterprise API and hybrid integration initiatives

    By Saurabh Sharma 07 Mar 2018

    An API platform is a composite platform enabling rapid API creation/composition and end-to-end API management (including API lifecycle management). The focus has now shifted toward a rapid and effective API-creation stage that adds "life" to the relevant APIs and makes API lifecycle management a meaningful exercise.

  • Enterprise Decision Maker

    Self-service and API-led integration are key themes for the next phase of iPaaS evolution

    By Saurabh Sharma 07 Mar 2018

    In the past two years, several iPaaS vendors have added new features and capabilities or introduced new products to meet the requirements of less skilled, nontechnical users. API-led integration is a key feature of most of the mature iPaaS solutions on the market, and some middleware vendors have added tools for rapid API creation and composition directly to the core iPaaS product.

  • Enterprise Decision Maker

    Integration is the lifeblood of today's digital economy

    By Saurabh Sharma 28 Nov 2017

    While integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) is well placed as a solution for cloud integration, APIs are increasingly used as flexible interfaces for digital services.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Tackling cloud integration challenges

    By Saurabh Sharma 14 Feb 2017

    The IT function needs agile integration capabilities to realize the true benefits of cloud services.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    What is "intelligence" in intelligent business process management?

    By Saurabh Sharma 13 Jan 2017

    Marketing hype has resulted in a myriad of descriptions for intelligent business process management suites (iBPMS). While the role of analytics in driving improvements in business processes and operations should not be downplayed, it is also important to understand that iBPM does not simply equate to “BPM + analytics” or more specifically, a combination of specific IT capabilities added to traditional BPM suites.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    ESBs are doing well as SOA declines as a heavyweight approach

    By Saurabh Sharma 09 Dec 2016

    Enterprise service buses (ESBs) continue to be the backbone of integration infrastructure of many large enterprises. The upcoming Ovum report, 2017 Trends to Watch: API-led and Cloud-based Integration, elaborates on the gradual demise of service-oriented architecture (SOA) as a heavyweight “big bang” solution architectural approach.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    The rise of API economy and digital business will drive “middleware-as-a-service” adoption

    By Saurabh Sharma 02 Dec 2016

    The success of iPaaS has led to the emergence of “middleware-as-a-service” (MWaaS), which is a cohesive stack of cloud-based integration services aimed at key use cases, such as cloud service integration, API management, mobile application/backend integration, and B2B integration.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    apiPaaS is emerging as a unified platform for API/microservice composition and API management

    By Saurabh Sharma 01 Dec 2016

    As outlined in the upcoming Ovum report, 2017 Trends to Watch: API-led and Cloud-based Integration, apiPaaS is a toolkit for developers that enables the development of innovative applications and services, and API-led integration of disparate components of the digital supply chain.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    API management vendors beef up strategy consulting capabilities for digital business initiatives

    By Saurabh Sharma 09 May 2016

    Several key API management vendors have added or strengthened API technical and strategy consulting capabilities over the last 12 to 18 months. This “add on” to an API management solution represents a growing market opportunity and is a critical capability for functioning as a “strategic partner” for digital business initiatives. This trend has translated into comprehensive enterprise API management packages that deliver strategy workshops and ongoing guidance/reviews with the core API management solution to help achieve success with digital business initiatives involving use of APIs.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Ovum Decision Matrix reveals rapid evolution and stiff competition in API management market

    By Saurabh Sharma 25 Apr 2016

    The recent Ovum Decision Matrix for API management solutions revealed several interesting market trends, including a major shift away from fine-grained service governance, the emergence of API platform-as-a-service (APIPaaS), and stiff competition between specialized API management vendors and major vendors offering API management.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker, IT

    MQTT is emerging as a key IoT messaging standard

    By Saurabh Sharma 22 Apr 2016

    Message queue telemetry transport (MQTT) is not a new messaging standard and existed well before the rise of IoT. However, with support from major software (including middleware) vendors and wider IoT ecosystem, it is well placed to continue to enjoy an increasing footprint in enterprise IoT.

  • IT, Internet of Things, Enterprise Decision Maker, IT

    Ovum Decision Matrix highlights the growing importance of API management in digital business initiatives

    By Saurabh Sharma 12 Apr 2016

    The Ovum report “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an API Management Solution, 2016-2017” reveals several interesting API management market and adoption trends, with clear indicators that it continues to evolve as a key enabler to digital business initiatives.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Interest in microservices architecture will drive emergence of lightweight API management

    By Saurabh Sharma 23 Dec 2015

    In 2016 we expect that interest in microservices architecture will drive development of lightweight API management platforms comprising “microservice/micro API” gateways and a management layer enabling service discovery, lifecycle management, community management, and operational monitoring and analytics. We expect the role of lightweight API management in MSA to be similar in nature to that of an ESB in SOA implementation.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Time to think of APIs as flexible interfaces to digital services

    By Saurabh Sharma 23 Dec 2015

    Enterprise API initiatives will continue to be largely driven by business motivations and IT will indirectly position APIs as a strategic business asset. As expected, there will be more talk of digital services and digital business, with APIs used as a peripheral argument to secure buy-in and funding for digital initiatives.

  • IT, Internet of Things, Enterprise Decision Maker, IT

    The future of IoT middleware is cloud-centric and hybrid

    By Saurabh Sharma 19 Oct 2015

    It is clear that cloud-based platform and infrastructure services will play a key role in the realization of end-to-end IoT solutions. However, we expect hybrid middleware paradigms to be the norm for enterprise IoT initiatives.

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