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About Mila


+19 years experience

Mila D'Antonio is a principal analyst in Ovum's Customer Engagement Team. She specializes in customer experience, customer loyalty, social media, digital marketing, employee engagement, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Mila provides analysis and insights into contact center management, culture strategies, and digital and traditional marketing engagement.
Prior to joining Ovum in January 2017, Mila was editor in chief at 1to1 Media, where she led the editorial direction of the website and weekly newsletter content. She also led 1to1 Media's two annual awards programs: The Customer Champions Awards and the Customer Experience Excellence Awards.

Mila is a member of the Customer Experience Association (CXPA) and has received industry awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Society of Business Publications Editors, and Folio. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Mila

  • IT, Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Enterprise collaboration tools enable workplace transformation

    By Mila D'Antonio 13 Jun 2018

    To proactively engage with customers at the right time and with the right messaging, organizations require end-to-end interaction supported by customer interaction analytics, processes, accountability, and empowerment to fix customer issues rapidly and as they happen, not after the fact. This means the entire enterprise value chain must be fully integrated and supported with near-real-time information. The front office, back office, and external networks should all work seamlessly toward a common goal.

  • IT, Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Three prerequisites for omnichannel personalization

    By Mila D'Antonio 08 Jun 2018

    Orchestrating intelligent, personalized omnichannel customer interactions requires three key actions: the ability to extract data from customer and third-party databases, the ability to analyze and proactively predict outcomes, and the ability to respond with the right interaction at the right moment with context.

  • IT, Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Marketers may have new revenue targets, but first they need data management tools to succeed

    By Mila D'Antonio 24 Apr 2018

    Today's complex engagement environment is forcing enterprises to hold CMOs accountable for revenue targets for their teams for the first time. That means they’re responsible for acquiring customers, decreasing churn, and increasing lifetime value. The stakes for marketers and customer experience leaders are high; therefore, they must lay the foundation in preparation for this shift in business goals.

  • IT, Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    These six resolutions for 2018 will help improve the customer experience

    By Mila D'Antonio 02 Jan 2018

    In 2018, enterprises must think more strategically about interaction methods, like live chat and mobile, that historically have seen fewer investment dollars than the contact center. Here are six bad habits companies should shed to help them on the path to CX progress as they make their resolutions for 2018.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    These four trends are contributing to the rise of video as a customer engagement tool

    By Mila D'Antonio 07 Sep 2017

    As video consumption accelerates, it’s clear that it is becoming a critical tool for enterprises to nurture and retain customer relationships. But what is contributing to the rapid rise in the delivery and consumption of video?

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Here are 5 common chatbot misconceptions

    By Mila D'Antonio 31 Aug 2017

    As more brands recognize the initial potential of chatbots for automating routine support activities and containing costs, we’ll see rapid adoption and deployment of them over the next few months. Here are five common chatbot myths to dispel.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    These seven considerations will help ensure chatbot success

    By Mila D'Antonio 10 Jul 2017

    AI-assisted chatbots are poised to bring tremendous innovation in the way brands connect with customers. To ensure chatbot utilization and CX optimization, enterprises should make these considerations.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Five ways customer service can make the most of artificial intelligence

    By Mila D'Antonio 06 Apr 2017

    Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in a wide variety of companies and lines of business, including customer service. Enterprises that follow these five overarching themes when deploying AI into their customer service organizations should successfully meet customer and employee expectations.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Repair the data disconnect to gain a holistic view

    By Mila D'Antonio 10 Mar 2017

    The most effective engagement strategies are those that incorporate online and offline elements into a cohesive package that elicits a desired behavior from the consumer. To engage with accurate information and relevant communications at critical moments throughout the customer journey, enterprises must follow these three imperatives.

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    The time to act on IoT and wearable data is now

    By Mila D'Antonio 24 Feb 2017

    The emergence of digital technologies like wearables, beacons, and devices connected to the Internet of Things is creating new data streams and more relevant insights, making enterprises agile, efficient, and proactively responsive to customers. The enterprises that put the processes and technologies in place to quickly act on the data generated by connected devices for the benefit of customers will gain strategic advantage.