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As the market for Artificial Intelligence enters a dynamic phase of growth a real challenge for both vendors and enterprises is determining hype from reality. 

Concerns over issues such as data privacy and the capabilities of some of AI’s underlying technologies only complicate an already complex picture. 

Tractica’s unique use case driven approach to exploring and quantifying the opportunities for AI provides a robust basis for your decision-making in this fast-moving market.

Tractica is Ovum’s sister research organization focused on emerging technology markets. 


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Ovum and Tractica are both part of Informa’s technology brand network.






Tractica’s Artificial Intelligence research service

This advisory service examines use cases and business models for the application of artificial intelligence technologies in enterprise, consumer, and government markets. Topics covered include: Cognitive Computing; Computer Vision; Deep Learning; Machine Learning; Machine Reasoning; Natural Language Processing; Predictive Computing; Virtual Digital Assistants.

The service will help you:

  • Understand and quantify the market opportunities for AI across consumer, enterprise and government sectors
  • Assess and forecast the potential of more than 300 different AI use cases across major markets
  • Identify the potential for and the capabilities of AI’s underlying technologies


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Tractica market research

Tractica’s research methodology delivers unique data driven intelligence for emerging technologies.


Tractica’s other research services

The service examines the technology dynamics that are driving the continuing advancement of the robotics industry, matching those technological capabilities with the use cases that will create real-world value in the years to come.
This advisory service focuses on emerging technologies that enable advanced user experiences across application domains including mobile, home, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial.
This service covers technology and hardware trends surrounding the next generation of computing performance and capabilities, including AI-optimized compute, quantum computing, and next-generation microprocessor architectures.
This advisory service analyzes global market dynamics surrounding the development of more intelligent, connected, personalized service-centric vehicles and transportation systems.
This service examines device trends, enabling technologies, business models, and industry dynamics surrounding the market for connected body-worn devices with a focus on health applications, as well as the software systems designed to enable them.

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