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About Mike


+35 years experience

Mike Sapien
Mike is a chief analyst at Ovum. Within his role, he tracks the areas that are of importance to global large enterprise customers and complex managed services. He also provides analysis of the networking, security, and enterprise mobility requirements (including 5G & IoT) of these large customers globally.

Mike covers global enterprise service trends and emerging technology with a focus on the large enterprise market. His recent work has featured managed security, SD WAN, data analytics, cloud, and vertical solutions with a focus on healthcare solutions.

Mike joined Ovum in 2008 and has more than 30 years' experience in the telecoms and internet services industry. Prior to joining Ovum, he held senior positions within large and competitive local exchange carriers and at a data center provider. He also was an independent consultant for over seven years, working with technology vendors and service providers. He is also an author (Mastering ISDN) published in 1997.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Mike

  • Enterprise Services, Internet of Things, Enterprise Decision...

    Sprint ramps up its IoT game with Curiosity IoT

    By Mike Sapien 11 Oct 2018

    Sprint recently announced plans to build its Curiosity IoT platform, which will be available commercially at the end of 2018. Curiosity IoT comprises two major components: Core (IoT network) and OS. Sprint named Ericsson as the strategic partner. Sprint Business has been developing its plan to get more aggressive in the enterprise IoT market since late last year, and Curiosity IoT demonstrates its commitment.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Comcast Business: Is it finally getting down to large business?

    By Mike Sapien 17 Sep 2018

    In September 2018, Ovum attended Comcast Business’ (Comcast) analyst event, where the company provided an update on its activities. Comcast Business previously shared its plans to go beyond its traditional SME market to pursue larger customers in the enterprise segment. Comcast Business shared some positive product updates, progress on managed services, and recent customer successes.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Oracle Partner Summit highlights investment in people and programs

    By Mike Sapien 31 Jul 2018

    Ovum attended the June 2018 Oracle Partner Summit – North America, where Oracle shared its vision, strategy, and programs with its partner community. Oracle also invited a few analysts to participate, providing Ovum with access to its extensive program, partners, and executive leadership team.

  • Service Provider Markets

    Government Agencies should expect more than MTIPS

    By Mike Sapien 20 Jul 2018

    Secure internet service is just the beginning of network security and advanced services with the new EIS contract...

    Topic Security

  • IT, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Is SIEM dead or just on life support?

    By Mike Sapien 16 Apr 2018

    Over the last year, Ovum has seen that customers and vendors appear to be signaling that the security incident and event management (SIEM) platform might be in its last years of life.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Cisco's purchase of BroadSoft will be dawn of a new day and a sunset

    By Mike Sapien 25 Oct 2017

    Cisco has announced its intent to purchase BroadSoft for $1.9bn. The acquisition will be the sunset of a worthy UC vendor challenger and new dawn for Cisco's collaboration portfolio, which is one of its major communications businesses. Immediate reaction to the merger was mixed among the service provider and partner ecosystem communities, despite the companies' positive messaging and positioning.

  • Enterprise Services, Service Provider Markets, Enterprise De...

    AT&T consolidates its channel programs and rationalizes wholesale

    By Mike Sapien 09 Oct 2017

    In October 2017, AT&T announced a reorganization of its channel and wholesale organizations. Although it might have been triggered by a senior executive retirement, the reorganization and planned changes make sense: most of the indirect channel investment will be focused in one group, with one leader and combined resources.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Verizon's Exponent – is it a bird or plane? No, it is a set of platforms

    By Mike Sapien 14 Mar 2017

    Verizon announced at Mobile World Congress 2017 what it calls its new technology and business venture, Exponent, which is set up in a new, independent business unit within Verizon. Exponent's target customers are global carriers that do not have the resources or capabilities to develop or build their own digital service platforms.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    CenturyLink acquiring Level 3 to create stronger US player and larger global challenger

    By Mike Sapien 01 Nov 2016

    CenturyLink just announced its agreement to acquire Level 3 Communications for $34bn, a move that will create a larger fiber-rich national carrier in the US and a larger global challenger for its enterprise business and customers. Both companies have a strong US presence and footprint, but they will combine their global assets to create a stronger global enterprise provider.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    NxtWork 2016: Juniper creates its vision of digital cohesion and network security

    By Mike Sapien 17 Oct 2016

    Ovum in early October 2016 attended Juniper’s NxtWork 2016 conference, where Juniper provided updates to its customers, strategic partners, and industry analysts. During the first full-day session, Juniper gave an update to its strategy and product plans, which included the concept of digital cohesion; software-defined secure networks; and its initiatives around automation, agile development, and other new technologies trends (e.g., blockchain). Juniper gave a comprehensive view of its role as the infrastructure enabler for customers and service providers to create more flexible, adaptive, and integrated rich services on demand as part of its digital cohesion world.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    F5 Networks moving toward the application world while in a transition itself

    By Mike Sapien 02 Sep 2016

    Ovum attended the F5 Networks analyst conference in Chicago in August 2016 to get an update and overview. F5 is an almost $2bn annual business with strong positions in application management, but it's going through its own transition with the return of its former CEO. It has also made new investments in some of the newest and hottest service areas in enterprise and service providers markets.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Adtran gets into virtualized services with a Mosaic

    By Mike Sapien 11 Aug 2016

    During the last month and at the recent Adtran analyst event, the company introduced its Modular Open Systems Architecture for Intelligent Cloud (Mosaic) as a platform for providers to implement virtualized managed services. Adtran had been using parts of the Mosaic platform for its development as an open systems platform. Now it has branded this open systems development and is offering Mosaic as an open platform for management of legacy Adtran equipment.

  • Enterprise Services, Service Provider Markets, Consumer and ...

    A tidal wave of virtualized managed services is expected from tier-1 telcos

    By Mike Sapien 27 Jul 2016

    During the past week, there were a number of announcements from tier-1 telco providers launching new virtualized network services. 2016 will be the year of global launches by the larger tier-1 telcos and this week's announcements are just an initial wave that will continue into 2017.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    Verizon launches its virtual “managed” services, with more to come

    By Mike Sapien 25 Jul 2016

    In the wake of AT&T’s recent announcement of Network Functions on Demand, Verizon has announced its Virtual Network Services. VNS will become a platform for future enterprise managed services based on SDN/NFV technology and universal CPE. Verizon plans initial services in the US and Europe, with global expansion by the end of 2016.

  • Enterprise Services, Enterprise Decision Maker

    AT&T introduces Network Functions on Demand with global reach

    By Mike Sapien 21 Jul 2016

    On July 18, 2016, AT&T announced the third phase of its Network on Demand (NoD) service portfolio based on its Network Functions on Demand platform. The previously announced network services (Switched Ethernet on Demand and Dedicated Internet on Demand) have been available for some time but were restricted to the US region.

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