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As one of the most experienced analyst teams in the industry, Ovum is a respected source of guidance for technology business leaders, CIOs, vendors, service providers, and regulators looking for comprehensive, accurate, and insightful market data, research, and consulting. Our press releases regularly highlight key data milestones and analysis from our industry leading intelligence and insight products.

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  • 5G Accelerator Callback, 5G Accelerator, 5G Accelerator, Con...

    Informa Tech and IHS Markit Technology join forces

    01 Aug 2019

    Informa Tech and IHS Markit Technology join forces to create a market-leading information services business for the ICT industry. 1 August 2019

  • Enterprise Services

    Huawei’s European Customers Are Put on Hold by U.S. Ban

    By The New York Times 24 May 2019

    “It would be extremely unlikely that they would use their own operating system here in the short term,” said Dario Talmesio, a telecommunications analyst at Ovum, a research and consultancy firm in London. “And that means people with existing Huawei devices will gradually see devices that are reliant on Android deteriorate because they are not able to perform certain upgrades.”

  • 5G Accelerator Callback, 5G Accelerator, 5G Accelerator, Con...

    Portfolio Agreement with IHS Markit

    22 May 2019

    Continued Portfolio Management through exchange of Agribusiness Portfolio for further scale and capability in Informa Tech 22 May 2019

  • 5G Accelerator Callback, 5G Accelerator, 5G Accelerator, Con...

    Ovum and IHS Markit TMT to join forces

    22 May 2019

    22 May 2019 Following the creation of the Informa Tech business earlier this year, Ovum’s parent company, Informa, has signed an agreement that will see the majority of IHS Markit’s TMT portfolio join Informa Tech in the coming months.

  • Enterprise Services

    Cognizant president Prasad Chintamaneni resigns

    By The Times Of India 22 May 2019

    Hansa Iyengar, analyst in London-based Ovum Research, said, "Indications are that the new CEO (Brian Humphries) is making some serious changes to suit his vision and strategy for the company. It is not new for senior people to exit right after a change at the CEO level. I am expecting a few more such high profile exits and new people being brought in over the next few months."

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Ovum: Traditional TV can fine-tune to survive but must change radically to thrive

    By 20 May 2019

    On a global scale, it’s clear that traditional TV services alone aren’t enough to satisfy a growing number of viewers, with audiences moving swiftly to enhance their viewing experience by subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or other OTT video services.

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Longtime European TV Rivals Forge Alliances to Battle Threats From Netflix, Amazon

    By Variety 10 May 2019

    “All other services have to try to compete against these dominant platforms and hope consumers add their service as a third,” says Tony Gunnarsson, a senior analyst at London-based consultancy Ovum.

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    BBC Business Live

    By George Jijiashvili 07 May 2019

    Watch Ovum senior analyst, George Jijiashvili on BBC Business Live from 08:30 discussing the next generation disc-less #Xbox, and what this means for the #gaming industry in the coming years.

    Topic Video Gaming

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    5G: World's first commercial services promise 'great leap'

    By BBC 05 Apr 2019

    Ed Barton, chief television and entertainment analyst at Ovum, said the shift from today's 4G networks to 5G will be significant. He said first-generation or 1G networks enabled voice, 2G brought text, 3G static images or photos, and 4G enabled video. "We're expecting the leap from 4G to 5G to be a much greater leap than ever before."

    Topic 5G

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Can Google’s Stadia compete with consoles and high-end PCs?

    By Financial Times 23 Mar 2019

    “5G is being described as a ‘saviour technology’ — but at least for the next five years, we’re not going to see mass deployment,” said George Jijiashvili, an analyst Ovum.

    Topic Video Gaming

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Apple bets billions on streaming service to curb Netflix dominance

    By DW 22 Mar 2019

    Apple has been forced to play catch-up as growth in demand for iPhones and iPads has stalled. Industry analyst Tony Gunnarsson from London-based consultancy Ovum noted that Apple also incorrectly bet that iTunes would replace DVDs with individual collections of video content.

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Apple Bid for TV Stardom Is Biggest Gamble Yet

    By Light Reading 21 Mar 2019

    That much was perhaps confirmed by Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, when he said earlier this week that his company was not a part of Apple's plans. Those remarks also support a view that what Apple will announce is a platform uniting other video services with its own -- a kind of iTunes "Plus," says Tony Gunnarsson, a senior analyst with market-research firm Ovum.

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Google reveals gaming platform Stadia

    By BBC 19 Mar 2019

    Matthew Bailey, senior analyst at Ovum, told the BBC that if cloud gaming becomes fully mainstream, traditional gaming consoles would be under threat. However he noted that so far the market remains buoyant. "We expect almost 225 million home consoles to be sold worldwide over the next six years, primarily driven by the success of the Nintendo Switch and upgrades to Sony and Microsoft's next generation hardware." Read more

    Topic Video Gaming

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    At GDC, all eyes are on Google's upcoming game streaming service

    By Fox 5 18 Mar 2019

    As 5G networks get rolled out, cloud gaming services will be able to take advantage of its low-latency and high speeds. “Cloud gaming services will erode the appeal of traditional gaming consoles, leading us to believe that the next generation of game consoles will be the last,” said Matthew Bailey, Senior Analyst at market research firm Ovum in an emailed statement.

    Topic Video Gaming

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    How HoloLens 2 stacks up against its rival mixed reality headsets

    By Wired 08 Mar 2019

    “Microsoft is going with a PC market-style approach with its Mixed Reality platform,” says George Jijiashvili, senior analyst for AR, VR and gaming at Ovum. “The issue with AR and MR right now is that none of it is affordable, unfortunately.”

    Topic Wearables