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As one of the most experienced analyst teams in the industry, Ovum is a respected source of guidance for technology business leaders, CIOs, vendors, service providers, and regulators looking for comprehensive, accurate, and insightful market data, research, and consulting. Our press releases regularly highlight key data milestones and analysis from our industry leading intelligence and insight products.

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Analyst opinion

  • Forecaster

    Africa is poised for 5G - But 3G and 4G will be the main drivers of mobile broadband in Africa over the coming years

    By Matthew Reed 08 Nov 2018

    Advanced operators and markets in Africa are poised for early 5G launches, with South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, and Mauritius expected to launch mobile 5G services by 2022, according to recent forecasts by Ovum.

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services, IT, Internet of Things

    With 5G, you won't just be watching video. It'll be watching you, too

    By CNET 24 Oct 2018

    "Overall, Ovum and Intel predict 5G will more than triple the mobile media market worldwide, reaching $420 billion in 2028 from $170 billion this year."

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Why is Google's live translation so bad? We asked some experts

    By Wired 22 Oct 2018

    Senior analyst in consumer technology Daniel Gleeson says: “Getting natural language right is incredibly difficult. It would be a massive achievement for Google, and the day that they do, they will be shouting it from the rooftops.”

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    The Mandalorian looks great, so when does the new Disney streaming service come to the UK?

    By Cable 10 Oct 2018

    Ed Barton, chief analyst at consultancy firm Ovum, said this is one of the advantages Disney will have in entering the streaming market – not only is it building its own library of exclusive content, it is actively taking content off its rivals by ending licensing agreements.

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Microsoft's Minecraft ends support on Apple TV

    By BBC 09 Oct 2018

    "We wouldn't assume Apple TV would be the primary device that most Minecraft players are using but for the people who are playing it, it may be their only way of playing it on their big TV,"

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Stream Wars

    By TVEUROPE.WS 03 Oct 2018

    “Netflix and Amazon have the financial firepower to produce that blows everyone else away,” says Ed Barton, chief analyst of the entertainment practice at Ovum.

  • World TV Information Service, Consumer and Entertainment Ser...

    What Does Sky Look Like With Comcast at the Controls?

    By Variety 26 Sep 2018

    “There’s a pretty big content overlap that presumably they will want to make work harder for them,” added Ed Barton, chief entertainment analyst at Ovum. “They could look at licensing content on a combined basis, which would lower the cost on a per-subscriber basis, if you have something you can show to a European and U.S. audience.”

  • Enterprise IT Strategy and Selection

    62% of UK firms lack full cyber security insurance - despite a rise in overall coverage

    By Information Age 15 Aug 2018

    Maxine Holt, research director at Ovum, said: “Although UK organisations perform well in terms of the uptake of cyber insurance, the fact that fewer than 40% have comprehensive insurance demonstrates there is still some way to go for these firms to have a broad view of their security posture and how to present it for insurance.”

  • Service Provider Market Middle East and Africa

    Ovum Expands In South Africa

    By The African Business Fortune Magazine 13 Aug 2018

    Leading global market research, data and advisory firm Ovum has expanded its research team in South Africa to better serve the growing needs of the African market.  

  • Service Provider Markets

    Customers Weigh In on Wholesale Telecom Suppliers

    By Light Reading 06 Aug 2018

    Ovum quizzed fixed and wireless network operators, fixed and wireless virtual network operators, converged service providers that sell fixed and wireless services, content owners, and even non-telco intermediaries such as systems integrators.

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Overwatch League: London Spitfire triumph in first final

    By BBC 30 Jul 2018

    "Overwatch League is a lot further down the line in terms of putting together a professionally produced, glitzy tournament," said Ed Barton, chief entertainment analyst at the consultancy Ovum. "The team owners are also heavily financially committed, having had to put up something like $20m each to buy a franchise."

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    Streaming Floods Past Pay-TV in U.K. as Biz Goes Over the Top

    By Variety 25 Jul 2018

    “The U.K. is now among the first international markets to follow the trend from the U.S.,” said Tony Gunnarsson, principal analyst at London-based Ovum. “We’re seeing the same trend across a few other markets, including the Nordics, Australia and New Zealand. Looking ahead, most mature international markets are heading this way.”

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    African SVOD Is Growing but Analysts Foresee Challenges

    By Variety 23 Jul 2018

    “South Africa is by far the largest market in Africa; outside of SA, premium paid-for OTT is totally a niche activity,” said Tony Gunnarsson, principal analyst at Ovum. “Netflix dominates the paid market already and is likely to continue to do so for foreseeable future. Other services from Showmax to Kwese Play (iFlix) are battling out for whatever is left of a tiny market.”

  • Consumer and Entertainment Services

    How the BBC and ITV are fixing delays on World Cup live streams

    By Wired UK 11 Jul 2018

    "Latency is going to be reduced at some point in time," says Kedar Mohite, an analyst at consultancy firm Ovum. "We're going to have a broadcast TV experience on digital but I think it is going to take some time."

  • World Cellular Information Service

    5G Will Spur More Fixed-Mobile Convergence

    By Light Reading 10 Jul 2018

    Ovum says that 5G will help bring new players into the mobile market, supplementing fixed broadband with the anticipated gigabit-download speeds from the new mobile technology...